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This is my first startup. I co founded it with 3 others. We raised seed funds from One97 (Paytm) in 2012 and ran multiple pivots for 4 years till 2016. I have documented this journey in detail here –

As with any startup I worked on almost all parts. Leading the team, raising funds, building tech, hiring people etc. I had the most fun building Appsurfer’s core technology. I especially worked on the system’s engineering side of things like –

  • Customizing the android OS, making it compatible with XEN PV and KVM.
  • Sensor emulation inside android and exposing input/sensor api to be used by event streams.
  • Android graphics streaming to work with GPU servers. We were using micro cloud instances for android, and streaming graphics over the wire and rendering on large GPU servers which would in turn stream over the network to end user. The streaming pipeline was one of the hardest things I have worked on.
  • Low latency streaming servers that would route and inject input events into android instances.